Designed to help you bring a retro feel to your modern home.

“I believe it is not about living in the past but picking out the best bits and giving them a new dimension.”

I am available for consultancy work should anyone need help sourcing items for their home, office or any other media requirements. Please contact me via the Contact Form for further details.

I am also looking for guest writers who would like to contribute to the site so get in touch if you have a passion for mid century modern design and something to shout about!

Hope you enjoy looking at the site as much as I enjoy making it!





16 responses to “About

  1. mr daniel whittaker

    Cool website – what a great idea! loving your retro taste, dont have time for trawling shops, markets, reclaimation yards etc for vintage finds..

  2. love this site please add me to your e-mail list

    Thank you

    Mark Ciolli

  3. Great blog! love it!
    Glad that you are part of the Classic Chair Commandos!


  4. Hi James, love the site! any chance of a mention on your blog? we have some really nice twenty first retro style art!


  5. Hi James
    Thanks for mentioning the Midcentury.Modern Show that’s coming up end of March.
    Great site, I’ll be following you on Twitter.

  6. Hi James thanks for the link to my falcon chair. Love the site, will keep checking it.

  7. Nice site. Would you consider a link exchange with me? I run http://www.retrofever.com, a blog / shop about cool retro clocks 🙂

  8. Hi James – love the site. Are you OK if I add you to our press list?

  9. hello!
    great pics of the eames molded. in fact, we are wondering how yøu got ahold of the images as they have not been released. please call me at your earliest convenience. thanks! +1 415.517.4436

  10. Great website. Please add me to your mailing list.

    Many thanks,


  11. excellent site. please add me to your mailing list.


  12. James,
    Fantastic blog! Thanks so much for your very helpful and informed Pieff advice – it’s very much appreciated!
    Best Wishes,

  13. James, a terrific blog. Very informative/interesting; especially like the retro ebay picks (managed to pick up two stunning peices thanks to your info!). And yes, The East Room is def one of the best bars in London. Cheers.

  14. Hi James,
    Great site – as a passionate mid-century enthusiast I am currently transforming my interest into work and have opened a retro shop in Bristol, http://www.retrocollectables.com – if anyone is ever in town please pop in to take a look!

    Cheers, Jess.

  15. Keep me posted of events, and see if you like any of my own Mid Century Modern geometric sculptures on my own blog. Thanks!

  16. Hi James

    Love the site, if your looking for design classics and your in the area pop into our design studio. http://www.joshthomasdesignhouse.co.uk. We have an open plan design studio for architecture, interiors and furniture coupled with a gallery style shop showcasing design classics from the 20th Century and much much more. Would be great to meet a fellow design enthusiast.

    Keep me posted on things.

    Cheers Josh

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