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Are you a Chair Whore?

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When writing this post the first thing I did was look up the definition of the word ‘chair’. A chair is a seat for one person, with a support for the back. Correct. But I much prefer my own definition: Chair is Art!

And this new blog written by my fellow ‘Chair Commando’ Joel over at Blue Ant Studio is a gallery full of wonderful pieces of art from all over the web!

Joel explains “chair whore is a blog about chairs and nothing else.”

So if you aren’t a fan of chairs I advise you to avoid like the plague! However,  if like me you are appreciate the art of chair design then head straight over to…. chairwhore


Love Vintage Furniture?




I actually came into contact with the owner of Love Vintage Furniture – Josh Love when he bought some lovely Pieff chairs from me a while back. 

His company sources rare and unique pieces from all over Europe, combining them with an expert bespoke upholstery service to create an eclectic and highly original collection.

To see more go to Love Vintage Furniture

Unto This Lust… i mean Last!


For those of you that are unfamiliar with the furniture design workshop Unto This Last, their purpose is to offer you the convenience of the local craftsman workshop at mass-production prices.

They design along a single principle; less dependence on heavy industrial processes, more use of innovative digital tools adapted to the small workshop.

All their furniture is made from a special birch ply composite and they have an ever increasing catalogue with more than 200 cleverly designed pieces to choose from.

Unfortunately they only deliver to London to help save on packaging cost but if you are ever in the area I highly recommend going down to see their workshop in action.

Check out this site Wright Now!




Wright is the premier auction house specializing in modern and contemporary design. Since 2000 they have sold nearly 20,000 lots across the spectrum of 20th and 21st century design.

Richard Wright, with over 20 years experience in the field, is widely recognized as the expert for modern design. He, and his assembled a team of specialists travel internationally to find the best and most compelling modern and contemporary works within the market.

Through their award winning catalogues, photography, website, essays and curated sales, Wright truly embraces the creative spirit of design.

Go to Wright20 for more information and to see when the next auction starts!

Who are you calling a Skinflint?

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SkinFlint are dealers in reclaimed lighting and salvaged lights from the 20th Century with an emphasis on industrial fixtures. They specialise in lighting products of a simple and clean lined nature predominantly from 1900-1960. So much design and production from the middle of the 20th century appears as fresh and modern today as it did when first conceived, making it ideal for both contemporary and period interiors.

Visit Skinflint for further details.

Graham and Green take us back to the 50’s


Graham & Green is a family run business, born in Notting Hill in the 70’s it is now in its 34th year. For Antonia, Jamie and Louise a passion for design and buying allows them to offer a unique sense of style through their successful lifestyle stores and website.

They have a vast range of lovely products on their website including this 50’s style Oak Dining Table and Chairs – my personal fave!

To see the whole range visit Graham and Green

Satellite – Mid Century Modern Lighting



Like no other time in its history, America during the postwar era (1950s – 1960s) optimistically embraced the future and its promise of unlimited possibility. From jet- inspired automobiles to prefab all-steel kitchens, Atomic Age manufacturers sought out the freshest ideas and best methods of producing them. Rejuvenation, long known for its exclusive period-authentic lighting and hardware, is reviving the Atomic Age with its new Satellite line of lighting fixtures and hardware.

See for the full collection.

Some inspirational room settings can be found here: