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igl jet. Form for function. Space age 1970s desk makes a comeback!

A big thank you to Tobias at Sensufaktur for bringing this stunning space age desk to my attention.

In 1970 Ernest Igl designed a desk. Its revolutionary form and unique manufacturing process made it an immediate icon, redefining design standards.

Free from the conventions of fashion and technology, and unconstrained by the need of compatibility, the igl jet got his very own expression.



Retro Ebay Picks – 19 Aug 2009

1. Rare Eames Sideshell Chair for Herman Miller – Item number: 330352963646

2. Vintage Black Metal Industrial Desk – Item number: 160356469338

3. Retro Arkana Teak Sling Arm Chair – Item number: 270443609996

4. Charles Pollock Chair for Knoll – Item number: 280385310091

5. Ladderax Storage System – Item number: 270442043127

6. 1950s G Plan Coffee Table – Item number: 190328387024

Are you a Chair Whore?

Picture 1

When writing this post the first thing I did was look up the definition of the word ‘chair’. A chair is a seat for one person, with a support for the back. Correct. But I much prefer my own definition: Chair is Art!

And this new blog written by my fellow ‘Chair Commando’ Joel over at Blue Ant Studio is a gallery full of wonderful pieces of art from all over the web!

Joel explains “chair whore is a blog about chairs and nothing else.”

So if you aren’t a fan of chairs I advise you to avoid like the plague! However,  if like me you are appreciate the art of chair design then head straight over to…. chairwhore

Retro Ebay Picks – 11th Aug 2009

1. Retro Chrome and Glass Coffee Table – Item number: 280383143910

2. John & Sylvia Reid for Stag Birch Drawers – Item number: 160354653344

3. Retro wooden Telephone Table – Item number: 330351024834

4. 1970’s Guzzini Style Lamp – Item number: 360178435724

5. Vintage Pinner Klamplight – Item number: 230365711965

6. Robin Day Glass Coffee Table – Item number: 400066698561

7. Lovig Danish Teak Desk – Item number: 140337989092

8. 2 White Louis Poulsen White PH 4/3 – Item number: 160354756617

9. 1958 Plycraft Norman Cherner Side Chair – Item number: 360177733932

Retro Ebay Picks – 5th August 2009


Vintage Danish Teak Desk / Table

Item number: 110420462496


1950’s Remploy Book Donkey

Item number: 270438162566

Picture 1

Teak Drawers designed by Frank Guille for Austin Suite c1950s

Item number: 290336772053

Picture 2

1970’s Retro Floor Lamp

Item number: 280380547802

Picture 3

1970’s Verner Panton Cream System 1-2-3 Chairs (Check out this sellers other items for more retro treasures)

Item number: 280380533752

Picture 5

2 Vintage Ercol Stacking Chairs

Item number: 250477713396

Picture 4

Eames Herman Miller Orange Rocker

Item number: 150363470492

Retro Ebay Picks – 4th August 2009


Vintage Ben af Schultén ARTEK (Aalto) sofa

Item Number: 180387888694


1960s Vintage Egg Chair

Item number: 250475479037


Retro Ercol Telephone Bench

Item number: 300334549647

robin day

Robin Day Hille Teak Sofa

Item number: 220460511201


Retro Pieff Office Swivel Chair

Item number: 110419765481

Retro Film Prints


Something a bit different from I Love Retro are these illustrated film prints. There are six films to choose from at present and each one measures 11 x 16 inches. My personal favourite is the ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ one but maybe that’s because it reminds me of my youth seeing as it was one of the books we had to study at school… oh to be 15 again!

Available from I Love Retro

Via Retro To Go